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Join the Wet Hairy Women Movement

Liberating Women's Bodies


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Movement, Dance & Performance Art

Tapping into our innate curiosities and finding our voices as artists and activists.

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No Shave Wovember

An annual campaign to support women-aligning people to grow out their body hair for thirty days

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Art as a gateway to push boundaries and preconceived notions of our relationships to the body and womanhood

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Community Conversations

Thought provoking dialogues about embedded standards of gender, and our relationships to the femme-presenting body

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OUR initiative

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No Shave Wovember is our first fundraising campaign, and our first performance project. We would love for you to join us in our one month marathon towards greater, more widespread, and more satisfying bodily autonomy. 


Anyone who wants to celebrate, research, and craft loving relationships with women's bodies


Flood social media with images and artwork of natural women's bodies, expanding expectations of the female form.


Push the boundaries and preconceived notions of womanhood, and process our internalized shame, heal, and enjoy our freedom of choice.



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Our Founder's Story

I was six years old the first time a boy commented on my body hair. “Ew, you are like a gorilla. Your arms are hairier than my dad,” he sneered.

Cisgendered binary beauty standards have led people to believe that women should not grow hair on their bodies. From the moment we hit puberty, we are given razors and taught to be ashamed or embarrassed by any hair that might make itself visible. And because of that, most women do not know what our bodies actually look like.


I started to wonder...


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